CHOICES: The Art Of Making The Right Decision For Us

Responsibility is totally assuming the consequences for each and every choice we make in life. For most people, it is unthinkable to even seek such a task. It is so much better to allow someone else to make our decisions for us, because then, when things don’t turn out exactly the way we want, it is not our fault but rather theirs. Thus, anything that we don’t like in our lives or when we get bucked off our horse for any reason, can all be blamed on them.

Choosing to give your choices to another is allowing them to have power over you – almost like you are saying that you trust them to make better decisions than you could or that they know more about you than you do about yourself. This is the safe choice when we don’t want to regret what we have done or don’t want to risk regretting anything at all in our lives.

The problem in trusting another over ourselves, is that we never grow in understanding the life we came here to experience or truly learn the life lessons we came here to learn. By trusting someone else over ourselves, we become another lifeless game piece on the chess board of life, instead of a player directing their pieces on the board. When are we ready to call our own moves in our lives?

I believe that the moment we know we are ready to call our own moves in our lives comes when:

1. WE gather and assemble the facts of any given situation we face.

2. WE reflect upon those facts and our options in relation to those facts.

3. WE trust our own feelings and intuition and then act upon them.

4. WE take full responsibility for our decision. 

This moment of taking responsibility can come at any moment in our human experience, no matter what age, from 2 to 102. It is the moment when we have gained enough confidence in our own inner sense of things to fully make our own choices. Most people abandon their faith and trust in themselves because they do not want to assume full responsibility for their actions and the lessons they are experiencing.

The moment we do take the reigns of our lives back into our own hands, we become truly in charge of our own selves and our lives. We can go within and find our own answers there. We can trust those feelings and answers that come from within us, no matter what anyone else says or thinks.

From Me To You:

If we can trust and accept our feelings within, and then act upon them to the best of our ability with what we know at the time, then we will be aligned with The Source Energy, which is the essence of who we are as a soul. Choices and decisions from this place of connection to The Source, can always be trusted.

How have your choices in your own life helped you feel more connected to The Source? Please share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.

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    • Larry Albert
    • December 5, 2015

    Years ago I had to recognize that I was where I was in my life through my choices, no one else was to blame. Blaming others was a luxury I was going to have to give up if I wanted to move on. Sadly at times I still find myself backsliding.

  1. I know how you feel Larry!

    Whenever I get down on myself about this issue, I remember when I met, Whitey Thompson, one of only four men to have ever been released directly to the San Francisco streets from Alcatraz prison. He told my son Joshua that he “was living proof that you can get to the bottom of the barrel and pull yourself out.”

    When I asked him if he could recall the moment when the tide began to turn for him, Whitey looked at me with great compassion and said, “Yes Ma’am. I absolutely can recall the exact moment. It was the moment I realized that I was the ONLY person who got me in here and I was the ONLY person who could get me out.”

    I always take great comfort from his words. There is truly hope for us all and at any moment in our lives we can decide when that moment is!

    Here’s To ALL of us Thriving,
    Mary Anne xoxo

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