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POWER: What’s Your Real Business?

If I asked you what was the most powerful emotion of all, what would you guess? Anger? Sadness? Grief? Lust? Joy? Well, it turns out that the most powerful emotion of all is humiliation. The Journal of Neuroscience published the results of a unique study that probed deep into human emotion back in 2014. Two Dutch scientists had […]

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POWER: The 8 Traits Of A Successful Leader

There is no single way to define a great or successful leader. Leaders can be found among all types of people. A great leader might be a parent, a President, a CEO, a teacher, a child, a homeless person or a garbage handler. A leader can come from any walk of life. Most often a […]


POWER: Look For The Pattern

One year everything in my life appeared to be in chaos, and continuing to spiral out of control by the moment. I had valiantly fought three different cancers, back to back to back, and the medical bills put me into a tail spin financially. Then I was in a near fatal bike accident, which put […]

Words To Thrive By
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